Thursday, January 22, 2015

ToI Cover Preview 4

This 4th preview of David Sidebotham’s cover for the Tides of Impossibility fantasy anthology features the last of the four principle figures of the composition. She still has some features in common with the first inhuman figure and the faceless woman, but the tone of this figure is a clear departure. She is much more similar in appearance to the character in the last preview, darker and less orderly. Unlike that figure, though, her face is turned away. However, this also means that is the only figure who is not looking directly to the left or right, parallel to the composition. Uniquely, she is looking back on the composition itself.

Next I’ll post the completed cover, all four figures and their surroundings. The full scene is spectacular.

(see more of David Sidebotham’s work at Unfinished Creation)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ToI Cover Preview 3

This third preview of David Sidebotham's cover art for "Tides of Impossibility" shows a very different figure than the last two. Like the first, it is inhuman, and you can see some similar imagery in the design. But it is closer to human, showing a very human design, and shares minor visual queues with the human figure featured last time. This figure will also be the only one of the four whose face is visible.

(You can see more of David's work at Unfinished Creation)

Friday, January 9, 2015

ToI Cover Preview 2

This second preview image of David Sidebotham's cover art for "Tides of Impossibility" shows off his skill with human character design. Here we have a very different image from the inhuman figure I featured last time, yet there are some very clear parallel themes.

(more of David's work can be seen at Unfinished Creation)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ToI Cover Preview

For "Tides of Impossibility", the upcoming fantasy anthology edited by myself and C. Stuart Hardwick , I again sought the visionary expertise of David Sidebotham, the artist behind Unfinished Creation. The cover art he delievered is in my opinion the best stand-alone illustration I've ever seen him produce. It features four primary figures composed in violent contrast with gentle, smooth colors.

Over the next few days I'll be showing off close-ups of the mythical characters that David created for the anthology's cover. I want everyone to see how complicated each figure is before I reveal this incredible cover in its entirety.

Very soon, we'll be announcing the complete table of contents! Those who have already earned their ebook by participating in the Kickstarter campaign can look forward to some great fantasy reading not long after.