Wednesday, October 2, 2013

About the Author

K.J. russell is an author of science fiction, fantasy and horror, based in Houston. He has a BA from the University of Houston and works as a teacher, editor, and speaker in Houston's literary community. He is proud of his work with the Writespace studio, where he has lead workshops and helps with annual festivals that draw writers from all over the country. In the past, he has been the elected Director of Publications for the Houston Writers Guild, and he regularly attends Houston's massive Comicpalooza con as a panelist and moderator. His debut novella, Absolute Tenacity, was published in 2014, followed by another novella, Atargatis, in 2015. His first full novel, The Dusty Man, was released that same year.

Praise for K.J. Russell's work

"Absolute Tenacity, held my interest and attention to become my all-time, best non-stop read. His scenes filled my mind with images and colors I’ve not experienced in print since Al Feldstein’s graphic artwork in Tales from the Crypt."
- E. L. Russell, author of the Evolutis Rising series

"[Absolute Tenacity is] a shattering view of the potential of love and hate, of fear and joy, and of every emotion betwixt and between not only to drive actions but to fuel them, in this tale of an epic family battle across worlds, across solar systems, and across time."
-Pamela Fagan Hutchins, author of the Katie and Annalise series

"K.J. Russell excels in creating the kind of fantastic worlds you just love to lose yourself in. Wonderful stuff."

-D.L. Young, author of the Dark Republic series

"The story is so enthralling, and the characters are so magnetic, that you can't put it down until you're done." 
-Mel Algood, author of Blood on the Potomac

"[The Dusty Man is] an action-packed post-apocalyptic sci-fantasy in the ruins of demon-haunted Korea. If you like fast-moving fiction that transcends genre boundaries and isn't afraid to ask the big questions, you're going to love this book."
-John D. Payne, author of The Crown and the Dragon