Thursday, October 10, 2013

ICP4 S1.E01.5

The beginning: S1.E01.1



It was hot, and she was alone. Her voice wouldn't rise to call out, though she wanted desperately to scream out Marduk's or Eveline's names, and when she tried to work her jaw to make words, it felt like she was chewing around a piece of metal. Like an elderly woman, she hunched forward and leaned against the wall, shaking. Stepping over glass that cut painlessly into her feet, she hobbled out of the bathroom, and dragging her scalp over the wall left thin lines of blood as she went. Occasionally she paused to let lightning dance through her spine, but these fits passed, and she walked on.

She was in Marduk's house, wasn't she? She was. The bedroom she stepped into – a guest room towards the back of the house – was not out of order. The bed's gray sheets were flat and unwrinkled, the white carpet was immaculate, and even the silver statuette of a bull that set on the glass-topped shelf near the window sat undisturbed, frozen in a pose with its gaze turned over its shoulder, towards the window. The statuette gazed west.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

About the Author

K. J. Russell is an author of speculative fiction based in Houston, Denver and Colorado Springs. His novella, Absolute Tenacity, has been described as "the kind of story that force feeds you bits and pieces, slowly filling your psyche with reveals and snippets of underlying horror, until the needle is brandished and you (along with the story) pop violently with a raw, unexpected ambivalence." He is often seen at conventions in his home towns and beyond, and is an active member of both the Houston Writers Guild and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. On behalf of the HWG he has edited two anthologies of science fiction and fantasy. His novel, The Dusty Man, will be published in May 2015.

Praise for K.J. Russell's work

"Absolute Tenacity, held my interest and attention to become my all-time, best non-stop read. His scenes filled my mind with images and colors I’ve not experienced in print since Al Feldstein’s graphic artwork in Tales from the Crypt."
- E. L. Russell, author of the Evolutis Rising series

"[Absolute Tenacity is] a shattering view of the potential of love and hate, of fear and joy, and of every emotion betwixt and between not only to drive actions but to fuel them, in this tale of an epic family battle across worlds, across solar systems, and across time."
-Pamela Fagan Hutchins, author of the Katie and Annalise series

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