Friday, February 20, 2015

Announcing the ToI full cover and Table of Contents!

We finally have everything in order to be able to announce the full table of contents for the Tides of Impossibility fantasy anthology that I've been working on so long with C. Stuart Hardwick. First, I want to show off the cover art, since I've been taunting you all with it for too long. If you saw my analysis of the different preview images, then hopefully you appreciate this all the more. :)

Care of David Sidebotham, the man behind Unfinished Creation.
You might recognize his work from the cover of the Tides of Possibility science fiction anthology.

What can you expect in the book? Sixteen short stories by some of the best visionaries in the indie market! Here's the titles and authors you'll be seeing.

Elfanticide - by Lisa Godfrees and T.J. Akers
The Thirteenth Summer - by Artemis Greenleaf
The Queen of the Elves - by Steven D. Malone
Wind and Ash - by Corinn Heathers
Bone Flowers - by K.J. Russell and Adrienne D'Agostino
The Way She Grows - by Erin Kennemer
Talisman - by Patricia C. Hughes
The Pledge - by Bethany Vales
Chemistry Lesson #One - Oppoosites Attract - by Barbara A. Higgins
Puca Dawns - by Patricia Flaherty Pagan
The Stolen Key - by Rebecca Nolen
Death Hires a Stylist - by Mandy Broughton
The Witch's Child - by John D. Payne
Booly - by John Fritz Schwab
The Bargain - by Claudia Herring
Effa on Fire - by Chantell Renee

We also have a release date pinned down: Friday, April 24! Of course, Kickstarter backers will be receiving their ebook copies significantly sooner than that, however. In fact, Kickstarter backers should be watching their emails as soon as next week!

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