Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tides Signings

At a panel at the Barbara Bush Library in Cypress, Texas. From Left: Myself, E.L. Russell, Rebecca Nolen and Lilia Fabry.

I love that I can now plug Tides of Possibility up for sale on Amazon as a print of ebook, and that means I'm also promoting all of the writers there in. I met a lot of great, creative people while working on this project, and I can't wait to start going to events with the local writers. I was just at the Barnes & Noble at the River Oaks shopping center making plans for an August 9th signing that will feature myself and several of the anthology's writers. Actually, I think I have an advert around here somewhere...

There it is!

If anyone wants to pick up a signed print copy of the anthology, that's the first opportunity. The next? On August 15th there's going to be an event at Writespace in downtown Houston, at 8pm. Myself, Erin Kennmer, C. Stuart Hardwick, Lilia Fabry and Mandy Broughton will be reading our stories and signing books. Even if you already have a copy, it's still worth coming out to hear the readings. I'm really looking forward to it!

And that's just the first half of August. Will there be moroe? I sure hope so. I was kind of already talking to people about setting some up. So, I'll see you around Houston (and don't forget to come see me at COSine in Colorado Springs come January)!

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