Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ready for Comicpalooza

I'm going to be hitting Comicpalooza this weekend with some of the authors from the Tides of Possibility science fiction anthology, and post cards with the cover art on them, and you can have one if you can find me. What panels can you see me on? Glad you asked!
  • What Makes Monsters Terrifying: Friday the 23rd at 1pm.
  • Gender in Science Fiction. Friday the 23rd at 4pm.
  • Plotting and Pacing a Short Story: Sunday at 10am. Bring coffee!
For those wondering, the anthology is still expected to go to print and ebook simultaneously sometime this fall. There should be a call for submissions for its sister anthology, the fantasy one, in a few weeks. Am I going to do more anthologies this year? You bet! I'm rolling some ideas around with my colleagues at Comicpalooza, so there should be news on even more upcoming publications sometime around the time I'm done collecting submissions for the fantasy anthology.


  1. Kyle, I'd love to be on a panel at next year's comicpalooza. In case you need someone. Pick me!!

  2. Or if someone doesn't show up tomorrow, or the next's me with my hand "phone" at my ear, nodding at you.

    1. And I'm sure you'd be great on a panel! I don't think I've got the clout to decide who's on what panels, though for sure, if I get the chance to recommend people I'll drop your name right in there. :)

  3. It looks super great, Kyle! - ELR