Editing and Formatting Services

When I first appeared at critique circles in Houston, I had nothing except brutally unapologetic genre fiction and a lot of gusto for writing it. Luckily I met all the right people and, thanks to the help of mentors with legendary patience and a lot of faith in me, I was able to synthesize my writing talents with my eye for detail and become an editor who knows a thing or two about indie publishing. Since then, I've run successful Kickstarter campaigns, worked with dozens of authors as a professional editor, formatted multiple books for sale on major online and print stores, and befriended a group of experts that can take a manuscript from the dust of its first draft to a bound, beautiful book in the hands of an eager reader.

If you have a completed manuscript and a strong will to give it a day in the sunlight, we can help you get it there. We can start where you are, whether you're in the weeds of bad grammar with no clue how to get out or you've already been polishing for two years and just need help with the last couple of steps.

Here's the services that we provide:

Manuscript Evaluation

This is the most basic service we provide. You have a novel manuscript, but you're not sure where to go from here. Are the prose, themes and plot all where they should be? Does it need a full revision, or just rewrites here or there, or just some line-edits? Is the manuscript even marketable at all? A simple manuscript evaluation gives your manuscript the benefit of experienced, professional eyes. We'll give you our thoughts on your characters, themes, plot and prose, what you've done right and what we think you could do better.


This is a more detail-oriented service. Line-editing focuses on the craft of prose, voice, grammar, sentence structure and scene construction. Never underestimate the power of a well-placed period to wow your readers or a missing line break to utterly confuse them. With line-editing, we place comments directly in the document itself, interrogating every word and statement to help your voice and your words shine.


Simply a last pass through the completed work to catch as many errors as possible before you send your story to meet its destiny. You'd be shocked how many writers think they can publish a story with three typos on the first page. Just because you're an indie writer doesn't mean you and your work don't deserve a professional presentation. This service doesn't include any rewrites; accidental errors are corrected. That's all.

Full editing

A round of full editing includes all three of the services listed above. The surest way to take a manuscript from 'sort of okay' to 'pretty darn incredible' is to work with professionals every step of the way. Your story will receive a manuscript evaluation and be returned to you to be reworked based on that. When you're ready to move on to line-editing, we do that and then give you some more time to work through that. When you feel like you're done, we finish with proof-reading. In the end, your manuscript is powerful and pristine.

E-book and print book formatting

One of the most frustrating things about self-publishing is the technical pains that come with formatting your books for the ebook market or print-on-demand services. Luckily for you, we're here to help, and we know what we're doing. Once you've decided on the publishing route for your book, we can give you the files you need to use: MOBIs, EPUBs, PDFs and/or properly formatted DOC files.

Professional Cover Art services

People do judge books by their covers. At least, they decide what books to look at based on the cover. If you want you book to stand out on the shelves or in ebook search results and aren't the most artistically skilled person in the world, we can take care of that. Whether your book calls for a piece of original art by a professional illustrator, a formally-styled bit of typography over a simple photo, or something in between, we have the skills and talent to deliver.

Blog construction and management

Reading a blog is straightforward, but starting and managing a blog is something different altogether. If you want a full website from scratch, there are entire service plans out there for that, but if all you need is your own wordpress, blogger or tumblr to keep yourself and your work accessible to readers, then you don't need a website-building service. Let us build a custom blog for you and your fans, and if you're not convinced that you can handle its digital innards once it's up and running, you can hire us to stick around and help. We'll make sure everything stays up and that your posts and news updates hit your blog when they need to. We cannot, however, generate posts and interact with readers on your behalf, however.

How much does this cost?

For editing services, we charge by the page in the proper manuscript format, but the amount that we charge varies based on how extensive the work we're doing is. Some clients are savants whose work sparkles before it even hits our inbox, while others come to us precisely because they need more extensive work done. Prices for cover art, formatting and blog management depend on your specific needs. To get started, contact me at kjrussell.editor@gmail.com and we'll talk about where you are in the process.

Services we do not provide
We will not act as agents for your work or provide professional marketing advice. We will not build a website from scratch, generate site content or blog posts, or interact with your readers for you. We will not ghost-write for you. We will not upload your work to publishing or print-on-demand services, or services of any kind, and we will not send your work to anyone except you. We do not provide any services except those listed as such on this page, whether or not they are mentioned here. We prefer to provide editing services only to work over five-thousand words in length, but feel free to ask if we're willing to work on shorter pieces.